About Ebook Promotions

This is a page for authors, self-published or traditionally published, to work as an informal group for specific monthly promotions. The site will change with the promotions. ALL authors are welcome to pitch ideas, and work together.

There is a time and place for single title/exclusive marketing. But the goal of http://ebookpromotions.blogspot.com is to be an open, inviting place for authors of all "fame" levels to advertise together. By increasing the volume of titles participating in a promotion, consistently spreading the message at the same time, we amplify the advertisement. Which sales flyer do you read in the weekend newspaper? The one advertising two items, or a couple of pages of items?

To be added as an author of the blog to help with the design, layout, and posts (and join the committee that directs activity), just email Elizabeth Ann West at eawestwrites@gmail.com. I don't want this to be MY blog, but OUR blog.

By ourselves, we are one little author, but together, we have an infinite audience.