Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away

Preliminary work is starting for my next ebook promotion.... this one is looking to be international in scope. And it's all about destinations.

Who I'm looking for:

Authors from a unique place in the world OR author of a novel with any clear setting (can be fantasy).

This will be a blog cruise, similar to blog hop, but I am thinking a little bigger. Readers LOVED the "trick or treat" aspect of the last event we ran, including receiving something from each stop. I think this should continue.

The plan.

This is very early days, and I'm open to how we work out the details. :) I'm thinking March, for a Spring Break Ebook Cruise. I will need all authors signed up by February 1st. This is 100% free and all about the work you put in. By pooling together for promotions, we can get better interest. The idea will be that author sites AND any bloggers we can get on board will host specific destinations for readers to travel on their cruise.

What Will Be Involved:
I would like to see engaging posts about the setting of their book or where they are from as an author. Think travel guide. We want the reader to feel excited that he or she took a mini-virtual vacation.

We can also give out souvenirs for their trip. Limited edition ebooks, free short stories, travel guides (this would be especially neat for a fantasy book or some place that is imaginary). For the actual hop listing, much like the last one, I'm going to disguise the links by the place name. So when someone clicks Washington, DC  they would get CANCELLED because it takes place there. I think I am going to put together a nifty PDF/epub/mobi of the setting research I did for the novel, plus a short story.

I know I am releasing this information early, but I am hoping that this will give time for authors to really think outside of the box. I was shocked and amazed at some of the ingenious ideas that came out of the last blog hop I ran.

I am also looking for a volunteer willing to be Cruise Director. I'm hoping we can get 30 destinations this time around, and for that level of organization, I'm going to need help.

So here's to our trip ::clinks a glass of champagne:: and I'm happy to be your Captain. At your service, ladies and gentlemen.

Always Smiling,
Elizabeth Ann West

P.S. Please email me or comment here to let me see interest.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trick or Treat for Ebooks

Hmmm, Trick or Treat? Below you will find a list of links from the participating authors in the First Annual Trick or Treat for Ebooks. Each author has created a special page for you, the reader, with a a very special offer. Is it a free ebook? Is it a $.99 ebook? You just won't know until you click and go!

Continue to click links on the neighborhood and enjoy your virtual trick or treating adventure. And be sure to leave a spooky comment or two to leave your mark!